Saturday, July 31, 2010

LIFE: random shenanigans

Jordan, Mrs.Beau Gadreau & Caitlin leaving the chocolate loft!
Babe friends at Rush's DVD release party

CK and my bif - Rush's DVD Party again

Sora and I underdressed at the oh so fancy Your Designer Friend launch party

Joey pretending to be sober at an ICFF event in Soho

DJ Willis and my sister in law at the D12 concert - Eminem was notably absent...har har har

 Laura, myself and Evan Seventeen partying in Sudbury's latest hot spot - LB's garage!

Dinner party hosted by Syd. Victoria, Romy and Beau. Interesting mix of friends that night!

Action Makes making action!

Just a regular night with Ry!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm getting baptized y'all!

So the man I'm about to marry comes from a Greek orthodox family. I recently spoke to the priest to ask what I had to do since I'm not Greek and we're having a big fat Greek wedding. He tells me nothing since he assumes I'm Catholic or Protestant. After finding out I was raised without any religion he proclaims in horror, "So you're nothing?! Well we definitely need to get you baptized then." So on top of planning a wedding, I now have to plan my very own baptism...Wondering what a Greek baptism entails? Here are some highlights:

EXORCISM - The first step begins with the entrance to the church. This is to show that the one being received is not yet a member of the Church. The priest calls upon the sponsor to renounce Satan and all his works from the child (that's me!). The renouncing of Satan is done facing the west, it is where the sun sets, the place where the ancient Greeks believed to be the location of Hades, the gates of Hell. Then the priest faces east, where the sun rises. He asks the godparents to accept for the child "Christ, who is the light of the world".

The priest makes the sign of the cross over the child (me again!), this is repeated often during the service. The cross is the sign of victory, this puts the devil into flight. In the ancient times, slaves were branded to show which master they belonged to. 

THE NAKED INFANT (!!!) - The child is baptized naked, as it comes from the womb of his mother, so he emerges from the womb of God - the baptismal font. The removal of the child's clothing signifies the old slough of sin which will be cast off entirely through baptism.

THE ANOINTING WITH OIL - Olive oil is blessed by the priest and applied to the child's hands, feet ears and mouth, in order to dedicate them to the service of Christ. The god parents then anoint the entire body of the child with the oil.

THE CUTTING OF HAIR - After confirming the child, the priest cuts three locks of hair from his head. This is an expression of gratitude for receiving God's blessings in baptism and confirmation.

THE RELIGIOUS DANCE - A procession around the baptism font by the priest and godparent holding the child is believed to be a reflection of the celebration of angels dancing and expressing their joy that a new soul has been registered in the Book of Souls.

OMG, pray for me people. Pray that they will make some exceptions for this poor atheist who is only doing this song and dance so she can marry the love of her life. Pray that they won't make me get naked or make my in laws rub me down with oil and cut off my hair!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Gonna run this town tonight

For some reason, I am addicted to really bad shows like the hills and the city. I am embarrassed to admit how sad I was to see the hills end, but there is light at the end of the tunnel and that light is the skinNY!!! It's, "the story of Rachel and Joanna, two wildly self-confident girls from Orlando who move to New York to work in PR and "run this town." They dress like it's 2004, believe they can have any guy they want, and listen almost exclusively to Fergie." Oh yeah, it's produced by Nick Gallo from The Onion so you know it's going to be good!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I Blame Coco

It's no secret that musicians love boinking models, so it should come as no surprise when they have beautiful daughters who go on to become...models. It's a vicious cycle. To name a few there is Amber Le Bon, Lily Collins, Daisy Lowe, Zoe Kravitz, Chelsea Tyler and of course, Georgia May Jagger. Recently, Sting's daughter Coco Summers has caught my attention. Yes, she's followed the typical model/actress route but more recently she's following in her daddy's footsteps. I kinda like her!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer Jam!

A) Fuck you Katy Perry and B) I know I blog about Q-Tip wayyyy too much. Shut up and watch this shit.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Got a light?

You have probably already heard of Ardi, the smoking toddler that the media has so affectionately nicknamed, the Marlboro Boy. I guess Indonesian names are too hard for them to pronounce...Well it turns out that we're from the same island - Sumatra represent! You see, I'm constantly being lectured about how much I smoke but hopefully my friends will now see that it simply cannot be helped. It's totally ingrained in my culture which CBS News has just confirmed in this oh so very informative news clip.

Thanks CBS News, you're so totally right about Indonesia's failure to educate it's population. Did you ever consider that maybe, just maybe, that's because they're too busy being one of the poorest fucking countries in the world? I'm not saying that it's right that this kid smokes, but this kind of "news coverage" is exploitative. It exists as a form of entertainment and to make white people feel even more superior than they already do. Is this what it’s gonna take to get Indonesia on the map? A smoking baby? For as long as I can remember people have asked me where I’m from. When I told them, they would always ask me where Indonesia was. This didn't only happen in Canada but even on my travels to the States and beyond. When the Tsunami hit and was all over the news, I thought I would never have to answer that question again. I was wrong. People mainly focused on India, Thailand and Sri Lanka despite the fact that far more people died in Indonesia. Then Obama was elected. Given all of his personal ties to Indonesia, I thought finally! Wrong again. I still had people ask me, “Did you say Malaysia?” or even worse, “Are you sure you don’t mean Polynesia?” Jesus fucking Christ, right? So then comes along tree man, this Indonesian guy completely covered in fucked up warts. Not a great thing to have your country associated with but it’s a hell of a lot better than this! A fat two year old who smokes 40 cigs a day…I would prefer that the country I am proud to say I was born in remain neglected rather than exploited in this way. Don't mistake patronization for genuine concern.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fashion Icons

I'm pretty clueless/lazy/unoriginal when it comes to fashion but somehow I occasionally get compliments on what I wear. Instead of taking any credit, I just tell people who I copied that day. I have three fashion icons that I always refer to when I'm out shopping and I thought it was about time that I pay tribute to them. While one of them is a well known actress, a lot of people don't seem to know who the other two are whenever I mention their names. So here they are in no particular order!

Taylor Jacobson - Stylist

'I die' for Taylor! She's always rocking my favourites - flannel, denim, leather and leopard print. To add some tszuj to her look, she plays with gold jewelry. Her trademark accessories are her over sized ray bans and her gold rolex. She always looks effortlessly chic and edgy. I love her the most when she's dressed down but even when she dresses up she still somehow looks like a bad ass.

Rachel Bilson - Actress

Rachel Bilson makes a good fashion icon because her style is easy to follow! It also helps that she's short like me so whatever she wears will mostly likely look good on myself and other girls who are shorter or of average height. Her clothes are fairly basic so I'm constantly discovering new ways to wear what I already own. I especially love the way she layers with jackets and scarves. I would describe her style as casual chic.

Va$htie Kola - Fashion Designer, Music Video Director, Party Promoter, Downtown's Sweetheart etc...

While I love and copy all three of my fashion icons equally, if I had had had to pick a favourite it would probably be Vashtie. This is because her sense of style more closely resembles my own. Her fashion sense is all about balance. If she's wearing something tight, she will pair it with something baggy. She also shares my love for flannel and denim shirts, hoodies, ray bans, tennis shoes and biker boots. Her idea of dressing up is throwing a blazer or leather jacket over a t-shirt, which is exactly what a lazy tomboy like myself does!